About the Project

The Chinese American Citizens Alliance (C.A.C.A.) is spearheading a national campaign to identify, honor and recognize the efforts and accomplishments of all Chinese Americans who served in the United States Armed Services in World War II. The campaign is called the Chinese American WWII Veterans Recognition Project. Its mission is to advocate before Members of Congress for a Congressional Gold Medal for the Chinese American WWII Veterans; to educate the public about their efforts and accomplishments while serving the United States; and to preserve their legacy so the ‘greatest generation’ will never be forgotten.

This effort is being lead by a small team of advocates and legislative experts and will be based out of Washington, DC at C.A.C.A.’s new offices in Chinatown. Names of Chinese American WWII veterans deceased or alive can be entered at the C.A.C.A.’s Chinese American WWII Veterans Recognition Project website RecognizeCAWW2Vets.org. For additional information, please email Samantha@RecognizeCAWW2Vets.org or Gil@RecognizeCAWW2Vets.org. This project was created in direct response to comments and queries received after screenings of the documentary series, Honor and Duty: The Mississippi Delta Chinese produced by the Heritage Series. A trailer of this film series can be seen at www.heritageseries.us/honor-and-duty.